Photo V


It appeared as though no one had been there for some time. The local authorities had long ago run out the smugglers, squatters and occultists. All that remained now were the discarded remnants of each group that called this barren plot of land home. Surprisingly the structures that each group had once erected were in a beautiful state of decay. Inside the buildings the walls were covered from floor to ceiling with mural wallpaper that portrayed highly romanticized natural landscapes. The wallpaper peeled and warped elegantly off the wall due to the many years of neglect and exposure. It was torn, stained and abused.

Drawing on inspiration from the abandoned homestead, the pieces I construct reflect a fragment of those dilapidated walls. Utilizing industrial building materials, I reconstruct a cross-section of an interior wall putting in place my own photographic image as a stand-in for the original mural. Once the photograph is affixed, the artwork goes through a process of degradation in order to simulate the weathered look of a home neglected and left to the elements.

These visual and physical constructs deal with the relationship between memory, image and place, addressing the radical and potentially violent decontextualization of the image as it is stripped from its original setting. My artworks are a hybrid of photography and sculpture, where the sculptural elements frame the image within a fictitious narrative, a narrative where all that remains of a place is the representation of an image and the residue of the place it once belonged.