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As a prerequisite to the transference of energy there must be an exchange and transformation. This universal exchange is what we as a species manipulate in an effort to distance ourselves from the governance of our evolutionary history. As a result of this displacement the division between technological fact and fiction is often blurred and/or removed. From the burning of coal to the consumption of livestock, our culture exists to design and accommodate mortality and growth. To free ourselves from the shackles of Natural Selection we labor to transform energy into fuel in defiance of our past and future.

In this desire to supplant Darwinian law, we employ a cultural narrative that is steeped in mythology as a way to fantastically deny the impact of our species on the world at large. It is the duty of art itself to engage with this self-deceptive hubris.

Through these photographic images I examine and deconstruct the unknown knowns of this historic and collective dialogue in an attempt to further my understandings about cultural constructs that often symbolize conflict within Political Ecology.

Is it possible for humanity to attain an advanced technological future that operates harmoniously alongside the needs of our eco-system? Ultimately, I seek to visually explore this thought while engaging viewers with questions concerning their own personal behavior with regards to consumerism, nature, and use of energy.

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